Project Lighthouse
Gary Swale January 18, 2023 0 Comments

For businesses, it can be difficult for leaders to share their vision, purpose, values and brand promise in a way that provides context and understanding for employees and builds a culture that consistently supports the brand.
For employees to understand exactly how they are contributing and making a difference to the company’s success can be equally challenging.

Inspirze is an SME that helps organisations tackle this issue, by providing a platform that connects everyone to the brand values, connecting both the hard, operational and soft, cultural aspects of individual and collective performance at all levels.

  • Technologies:Artificial intelligence
  • Sector:Product Design
  • Primary partner:Science and Technology Facilities Council

Inspirze were interested in exploring new digital technologies and learn how these could be utilised in developing their offering to customers.

Inspirze wanted to understand how they could apply AI in order to make their platform more data-driven and automate their methodology and toolset.

Inspirze worked with data scientists and AI experts at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Hartree Centre, to learn about the different types of AI technologies, such as sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing.

Benefitting from the Hartree Centre’s access to an extended network of technology partners has allowed Inspirze to understand and identify existing IBM Watson tools and techniques they could use to start collecting and interrogating data for insights. Inspirze is particularly interested in using data to better evidence the link between context, levels of employee engagement, performance and innovation for its customers, which makes the company’s business case more compelling.


At the time of project completion, Inspirze began trialling and testing different AI and data analytics technologies, and evaluating which approach to take forward. The resulting shift from a consulting-led towards a technology-led solution will position Inspirze to grow and scale as a business.

In early 2022 Inspirze also launched Inspirze Project Lighthouse, as they continue to work with the STFC Hartree Centre at Daresbury to gain insights into the connection between purpose and people in organisations underpinned by a strong ethical driver & higher purpose as Inspirze are in a better position than ever to support and collaborate with even more businesses and expand on their market share. 

Working with the Hartree Centre showed us the art of the possible – it helped us understand the differences between types of AI and see how it could work for our business. It’s been not only evolutionary, but revolutionary.

As our work is people-focused it was also important for us to investigate how we eliminate potential algorithm bias and ensure we are developing an ethical platform. Working with a trusted impartial organisation like STFC validates our approach and enhances our reputation – Gary Swale, Inspirze

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